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One of our local tomato growers is expecting to see some varieties come to maturity over the next couple of weeks.  Grape tomatoes will be first, and then...

We’ve started our peach season, and we’re bringing in some beautiful tree ripened handle basket peaches.

Strong demand is meeting with very limited supply on the pepper market and creating higher prices that should last about two weeks.

Strong demand combined with slightly lower supply have helped to tighten the market for Iceberg lettuce.

Chilean Grapes are winding down for the season, and the available quality levels show the trouble they’re having.

Limes have been on the spendy side for the past month or so, as seasonal declines in harvesting created some shortages.

Q: What key do you use to open a banana?

What’s New at Ford’s Produce?
We are super excited to tell you about new project that we’re working on. We’re finishing up construction on our own organic greenhouse facility. We’ll be planting within the month and harvesting many local herbs, lettuces and specialty vegetables ourselves to serve you with this summer and in the future. It’s going to be organic, local, and the most sustainable farmingmethod available. More information to come, as we get further along.

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Fords Produce Refrigerated Storage Rooms with Controlled Humidity

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Quality Assurance Manager on duty checking your order.

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Fords Produce Company Quality Assurance Manager on duty checking your order.
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