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More local tomato farmers are starting their seasons, and looking forward to a great year.

Cabbage prices jumped up a bit last week, with many southern growing areas finished for the season and the northern states not quite ready yet.

Pear season is winding down for most growers, and we’re looking forward to the new crop Bartletts to begin in another month or so.

Better numbers of cantaloupes and honeydews are being harvested domestically now.

Peach season continues, and though the supply is limited, the quality has been awesome.

Stronger demand leading into July 4th is expected to drive up strawberry and watermelon markets. 

Sweet corn is coming in very heavy volume right now.  Quality doesn’t get much better than this, the price is great, and it’s locally grown.

California’s heat wave has pushed lettuces, greens and other vegetables to maturity early, creating a heavy amount of supply currently.

Local News….

NC Blueberries are at their prime.

Snap beans began last week.

Local tomatoes have been awesome and volume is increasing.

Squash and zucchini remain in shorter supply, though are still available.

Cucumbers are coming on strong.

Bell Peppers started locally last week and will increase in volume.

White and Yellow Corn are reaching their peak.  Quality has been excellent.

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