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April 15th, 2019 Supply Update: Florida blueberries are starting out and volumes are starting to increase

Cabbage markets have settled in to a more manageable and familiar numbers for cabbage.  Pricing is way down.  As we move into April much of the labor will be shifting to focus on onions leaving cabbage availability to tighten in this area.  Florida continues to have product available with stable markets, and Georgia shippers are projecting to have product available mid April.

Florida blueberries are starting out and volumes are starting to increase (finally!)  Expectations are that blueberry volumes will continue to increase over the next few weeks.  This week is still short supply as the pipeline is fairly dry, but expect more volume to be available by next week.  Our local NC blueberry guy is expected to begin picking next week.

Peppers continue to be a struggle as supplies remain short due to the Mexican season approaching its end. Sizing is trending more to smaller sizes. Extra Large size peppers are very limited and will remain like that for another couple of weeks until California gets going in the Coachella region.  Florida fields continue to struggle to get any kind of volume and seems like this situation will continue through the spring with barely enough to suffice East Coast demand. 

Watermelon supplies are increasing seasonally and pricing is coming down with the heavier volume.

Cucumber supplies remain plentiful in Mexico; new fields have started and volume continues to ramp up quickly. Quality for the most part is good.  Florida spring fields are also in production with steady supply and decent quality. Georgia fields are expected to start a month from now. With warmer temperatures finally hitting multiple growing regions, cucumbers are expected to be a great promotional item all the way through the end of April.

We harvesting Chard and Tuscan Kale at our organic greenhouse now.  Check it out!


Thank you for your business and Have a Great Week!

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Thank You for Your Business!
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