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April 1st, 2019 Supply Update: Strawberry supplies suddenly dried up last week

Strawberry supplies suddenly dried up last week, as Florida farmers finished up unexpectedly.  California growers were surprised by and unprepared for the additional demand.  Going into the strong Easter pull, we expect tight supplies and higher pricing.

Cucumber supply is plentiful in Mexico, and volume is ramping up quickly.  Several areas are currently in production and quality has been outstanding and very consistent.  Florida spring fields are also in production with steady supply and decent quality.  We’re finding Mexico to have the best quality right now.  With warmer temperatures finally hitting multiple growing regions, cucumbers are expected to be in good shape through the end of April.

Mexican Limes are currently improving in volumes.  The growing regions have seen recent rains during the past couple weeks but currently the forecast is clear.  Pricing remains high but has come down from where it was last week as a result of the better availability this week.

The market on asparagus is expected to rise this week. With the late Easter holiday this year, both Peruvian and Mexican asparagus supply will be used to cover the increased demand. Volumes will be lower than anticipated since the season in Mexico will be winding down into the holiday, and it’s still early for the Peruvian season. 

Squash supplies are steady on both coasts.  Spring crops in Mexico are coming along and volume is plentiful.  Quality has been really good and it should remain like that at least for the next few weeks as we can finally foresee good weather in the growing regions. Florida fields are ramping up as well; both yellow and green are steady and quality has improved.  Georgia fields are about a month away from getting started; but, with Florida and Mexico in full swing, squash should remain plentiful for the next 4 weeks.

Potato farmers have decided to stop planting potatoes underground in favor of a new cultivar.  The problem with planting potatoes underground is that they get unnecessarily dirty and must be washed.  Cornell University has developed a French Fry tree that is a much better alternative as the French fries grow directly from the tree and don’t have to be cut to size, as well as being cleaner.  Farmers are citing these benefits for the end user as they plant more and more French fry trees for the future harvests.  Hopefully NC State will be successful in developing the Ketchup plant that they’ve been working on as a compliment to these new trees.  Happy April Fool’s day.


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