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April 29th, 2019 Supply Update: Celery markets remain extremely elevated to start this week

Celery markets remain extremely elevated to start this week as supply continues to fall below demand.  Quality reports are listing several issues which are limiting the amount that can be harvested.  The supply forecast for the next few weeks remains low as most growers will begin harvesting fields that were planted during the heavy rains in late January and early February.  Supply is expected to fluctuate week to week due to these rain-related planting delays that will likely affect the industry as a whole.    

Florida blueberries are ramping up quickly, and close to hitting peak production. Expectations are that blueberry volumes will continue to increase over the next few weeks.  Georgia is starting now in a lighter way but expect good volume coming in June. Georgia is expecting a big season with heavy promotional numbers, most of which will come on late-May through June.  North Carolina growers will start this coming week.  Prices should fall with the increased volumes coming from everywhere at once.

Zucchini squash remains plentiful in Nogales, Florida and Georgia.  Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for yellow squash where demand exceeds supply as good quality yellow squash remains scarce. Georgia has started with their spring crop but yields on yellow squash are not keeping up with the zucchini.  We do expect volume from Georgia to gradually start increasing as more growers start to get into the game.  Florida will continue to produce their normal volume; but short term, expect yellow squash to remain scarce.

North Carolina strawberries are reaching their seasonal peak and farmers are eager to sell their fruit.  Quality has been excellent.

Weather in the northern California growing region has been ideal over the last two weeks, helping to close the industry-wide gap anticipated earlier this month. There is still potential for rain-related planting gaps anticipated for both leaf and iceberg lettuces in early May. The likelihood of these having a major effect on the markets is low. Quality reports are improving.

Watermelons are increasing seasonally and pricing is down with the heavier volume.  Mexican fields are producing most of the volume we’re seeing, but Florida should start rolling soon and pricing will adjust down at that point.

The market in California will be volatile for broccoli and cauliflower for the coming weeks due to planting skips. These skips could last for 2-4 weeks.


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