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September 2, 2019 Supply Update: With more areas coming into production, onion markets are way down this week.

Onion, Yellow

With more areas coming into production, onion markets are way down this week. Heavy supplies are more than enough to fill demand and farmers are looking to move product.

The lime supply situation continues to become more limited. High temperatures and drought conditions in growing regions are causing extreme stress on the trees in the growing areas. The fruit this year is trending much smaller than previous years with 175 count and larger being extremely limited with about 85% of the crop being sent as 200 count and smaller. Lime quality continues to be an issue as well.

Cucumbers are plentiful, but the quality has been iffy with so much rain in the Midwest causing troubles. When they’re this cheap, there’s only one way for the market to go, so we expect higher pricing in the near future.

New crop Bartlett pears have started in California and Washington state, meaning that the apple/pear season is upon us! Gala apples are the first ones always off the trees each year.

Turnip and Mustard greens have been having an extremely difficult time with the heat. Supplies are very limited.

Colored potatoes such as reds & yellow skin varieties are tightening up with most major growing areas cleaning up storage to include Eastern Canada, Northeast USA, Wisconsin/North Dakota, and Colorado. Some quality issues are showing up in the storage supplies. Pack-outs in some areas are as low as 30%, particularly in yellow varieties. New crop will first appear in Florida, followed quickly by Texas and Arizona.

Many local items like cucumbers, peppers, and squash are getting ready to start again. Now that the heat of summer is mostly past, we are ready to crank back up again.

Our organic greenhouse is really cranking out the chard, both red and rainbow colors. We are also planting lettuce and doing some test grows of microgreens that we’re excited to offer in about 3 weeks!

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