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August 27, 2018 Supply Update: Iceberg lettuce markets remain active this week …

Iceberg lettuce markets remain active this week as quality issues from other growing areas have driven up demand for product from the west coast growing regions.  Weather forecasts call for a slight chance of rain tomorrow night and again into the weekend, which could delay harvesting and reduce supplies short term.  Quality reports are good with medium to light green color, good texture and overall clean appearance.

All of the rains on the east coast cleaned up all of the extra tomatoes on the market and suddenly everyone was looking for tomatoes.  We are supposed to be in peak tomato season, but the rain had other ideas.  Rain causes quality issues on harvested fruit because the tomatoes suck up all of that water and resemble water balloons a couple of days after harvest.  As soon as the weather dries out, supplies and quality will improve.

As we approach the middle and end of August, it is a great time to promote grapes and we are looking forward to getting into some newer varieties of red and green grapes while winding down on Flames and Sugarones.  Supplies are plentiful and quality has been excellent.

Green cabbage is still tight and we are seeing small sizing across the board.  There were less acres of green cabbage planted this year due to a decrease in demand for product as more and more local growing deals have taken some of the market share and growers have reduced to minimize losses.  After some of the eastern growing regions struggled last month, the demand added on west coast suppliers has kept availability low and the markets have remained elevated.  The forecast remains light over the next two weeks as most growers are waiting for product to gain size and weight.

All colors of corn are plentiful and beautiful, with harvests going on in several areas.  Michigan, Ohio, Jersey, and even Canadian farmers are picking corn right now and flooding the market so it’s a great time to feature them.  They’re low in price and high in quality.

Currently, the demand exceeds supply for asparagus, and the market has been very active early this week. We expect to see the market remain active and in short supply in the near future.  We should see a change in mid-September with new areas in both Peru and Mexico starting fields with heavier volume.


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