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August 5th, 2019 Supply Update: Avocado prices are falling fast

Avocado prices are falling fast as better weather and more mature fruit is starting to come off.  Mexican growers are seeing a lot more volume coming to market and dropping prices to get it moving!

Michigan and Ohio are the primary shipping points for squash, corn, pepper, cucumbers and other vegetables right now.  Their season is just getting started and we’re getting in great stuff from there right now.  Should be a great summer and then when it cools back down we’ll move back to our local growers.

Warmer temperatures have accelerated growth rates of Iceberg, romaine and green leaf lettuce which has brought on strong supplies to start this week.  Availability is excellent with plenty of volume available. Quality reports show overall condition and appearance reported as very good.

Local tomatoes are becoming more plentiful all of the time and quality has been excellent.  Lots of growing areas are bringing on fruit and prices are on the slide.  We’re even seeing some gorgeous varieties of local heirloom tomatoes.

Asparagus markets have continued to be very active for Peruvian imports. Cooler weather in Peru has slowed down production, and there is a demand-exceeds-supply situation in U.S. markets. Pricing has also continued to rise. Asparagus should become more available again in mid- to late-August as weather in Peru warms up and volume increases.

Nice weather and plentiful supplies are bringing the strawberry markets down slightly, but the quality in all shipping areas is just average.  We’re seeing a bit of bruising of the fruit in all lots that come in.

After a great spring season, our locally grown Earth Family Organics lettuce is finished until fall.  We are still growing rainbow and red chard, though.  Call for more information.


Q: What did one strawberry say to the other?
A: You are berry cute!


Thank you for your business and Have a Great Week!

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Thank You for Your Business!
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