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December 24th, 2018 Supply Update: Merry Christmas!! … prices are definitely on the slide on many items…

Merry Christmas!!

With the sluggish post holiday demand slowing down sales, prices are definitely on the slide on many items.  Squash, cucumbers, peppers and other soft vegetables that don’t have a long shelf life are lower this week and will likely slip further.

Iceberg and leaf lettuce availability continues to be limited this week, but warmer weather has improved production.  Also, post holiday demand is way down, creating a weaker market for lettuces and causing pricing to slip.

Broccoli and Cauliflower are still coming from the Salinas Valley, causing transportation issues in getting them to where the rest of the California vegetables are coming from now.  Supplies are very tight on both of these items and farmers are pro-rating orders by as much as 90%.

With almost a solid week of rain in Florida and a very hard frost in Mexican tomato regions this past week, tomatoes dried up overnight.  Suddenly they were extremely limited and fetching top dollar.  Ripeness has been a struggle also on the short supplies.  Expect higher pricing for the next few weeks.

Florida has begun their citrus season.  This week we’re stocking tangerines, Florida grapefruit, and navel oranges.

Apple farmers were expecting a great year volume wise, this season, but it seems that their projections were overly optimistic.  There are recent shortages on several varieties, including gala, granny smith, and fuji.  Prices have risen each week for several in a row.

Mexican limes are in good volume now, and quality has been excellent.  Pricing is down on the increased supply.

We’re now shipping several varieties of organic lettuce from our greenhouse.  We’re also harvesting chard, Thai basil and chives.  All 100% Organic, local, sustainable, and beautiful. Give us a call to find out more!

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