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We’re super-excited to announce the launch of Earth Family Organics!  This is an aquaponics urban garden that we’ve built right here in Raleigh.  We’ll be growing many of the items that you’re using now, creating a local and year round source for your menus.  We’re very proud of the facility and would love to show you what we’re doing.  Call to schedule a tour or to find out what’s growing right now!

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Aquaponics Factsheet

  • Aquaponics is the marriage of aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (raising crops without soil).
  • Fish provide nutrients to the plants, the plants filter the water for the fish
  • Works like a mini ecosystem
  • Naturally occurring bacteria turn ammonia from the fish nutrients into nitrites, a second naturally occurring bacteria turns the nitrites into nitrates (fertilizer)
  • Uses 5-7% of the water of traditional farming. Only water loss is through evaporation and what leaves with the plants when harvested.
  • Guaranteed Organic
  • The only inputs are fish food, organic iron supplements, and ground oyster shells to raise the ph of the water.
  • Much improved growth rates from traditional farming and more production per square foot.
  • Zero fossil fuels used as opposed to traditional Organic farming which uses a tremendous amount of fossil fuels (tractor fuel, diesel compost shredders, etc.)
  • Currently growing lettuces, herbs, chard, and kale