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Alba Puff Pastries

Puff Pastries – Sweet

Puff Pastries, Sweet #24240 – HA 976
Mini-Cream Horn
108 per case
Length: 3.25″
2 & 3 Bites

Puff Pastries, Sweet#24250 – HA 977
Cream Horn
72 per case
Length: 5.25″
4+ Bites

Covered with Casson Sugar, the sweet puff pastry horns are traditionally filled with pastry cream and a drizzle of edible decoration at the mouth of the horn.

One elegant way to raise the level of the dessert is to dip the large end of the horn into chocolate, let it dry, then fill the horn with a firm pastry cream or Bavarian cream.

Puff Pastries – Savory 4 + Bites

Puff Pastries, Savory#24190 – HA 706
72 per case
Diameter: 3.5″
Height: 1.7″

If you fill this with chunks of white meat, it is expected to have a white sauce (possibly with tarragon). With red meat, customers will want a dark sauce with mushrooms and possibly black pepper.

In general, puff pastry can be re-heated up to 250F without any damage to the shell. They’ll always improved in taste when warmed. In the Mini-Bouchee, the Mini-Fish or the assorted Mini-Bouchees, one would expect a warm appetizer or warm finger food. For example, a filling made with melted cheese with herbs, some meat or sea food, a mushroom preparation or anything which does not release much water.

In the Mini-Fish, a salmon mousse or a crab salad will look beautiful with fresh herbs. Our favorite is to fill the Mini-Fish with cocktail sauce, and put peeled and de-veined shrimp into it in an arch shape. Or course, this would be served cold.

The advantage of the assorted Mini-Bouchee is that you only need to purchase one case to feed up to 72 people, with each person receiving 3 different pieces.

Our Large Savory shells are very useful during the creation of your weekly medley of items to serve in a thick sauce. Whether sea food, beef or chicken, any sauce based entrée will benefit from this elegant presentation.

Puff Pastries – Savory 1 Bite

Puff Pastries, Savory#24180 – HA 702
240 per case
Diameter: 1.5″ / Height: 1″

Puff Pastries – Savory 2 and 3 Bites

Savory Pastry. 2 and 3 bite#24210 – HA 941
150 per case
Diameter: 2″ / Height: 1.3″


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