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Meringues, Phyllo & More

Puff Pastries – Sweet

 #24410 – MC406
Meringue Cup
60 per case
Diameter: 2.5″
Height: 1.6″

This Meringue cup can to be used for dessert with a small portion of filling inside and a liquid decoration around it. The meringue is very solid, and the chef will have no problem pushing ice cream inside of it. Unusual because of its white color, the Meringue can be used in the most elegant settings.

Phyllo (Fillo) Dough

#23730 – DP 360
360 per case
Diameter: 1.5″
Height: .9″
Savory – Margarine

Phyllo Dough can be used for Sweet or Savory. For Sweet, use for Baklavas with nut and nut chunks and honey. As a savory, it can be filled with sea food or any other filling for an elegant finger food. Phyllo items can be prepared long in advance and then frozen and re-heated. Ideal for caterers to avoid the deadline rush.

Melba Toast

#23710 – CT688
Melba Toast
688 per case
Diameter: 1.75″
Height: .4″

Crispy Fried Dough

#23790 – FN100
Bite Mini Cocktail Cup
180 per case
Diameter: 1.4″ Height: 0.6″
Savarin Babas – 1 Bite

Savarin Babas – 1 Bite

#24210 – HA 941
150 per case
Diameter: 1.95″ / Height: 1.3″

The Savarin is very economical, and allows you to offer desserts for any low budget situation. To serve, all you need to do is to dip the Savarin into a pain of boiling water and light syrup, let them swell to their full size in a matter of seconds, and then with a slotted spoon deposit them into their plastic case. The Savarin will continue to swell and fill the serving cup. When cooled, splash them with rum, decorate, and serve! The Savarin can be held in the hand if you glaze to seal in the flavors.

Puff Pastries – Savory 4 Bites

#24110 – HA 552
Individual Baba
100 per case – with plastic cups
Diameter: 2.5″

Very low labor and ingredient costs…yet a very successful dessert directly proportional to how much alcohol you lace it with! Hafner offers the Savarin in two sizes: Individual finger food or as a full size individual dessert to be plated.

We look forward to serving you.