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January 21st, 2019 Supply Update: Strawberries have been extremely tight over the past couple of weeks

Strawberries have been extremely tight over the past couple of weeks, with chilly weather and rains in previous weeks limiting production in California. Fortunately, Florida is starting their season and adding some much needed volume to the marketplace. Prices are staying strong on the limited quantities.

The cold and wet weather in Mexico has slowed down much of the vegetable harvests down there. Tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, and many other items should be hitting full swing right now, but are seeing very limited production and seeing higher than desired pricing.

Freezing temperatures in Arizona vegetable fields have many growers struggling to fill orders and prorating shipments across the board. Cauliflower, celery, spinach, and many other western vegetables are extremely limited currently.

Cantaloupe supplies are getting in better shape after several weeks of very short supply. The domestic growing deal is finished and the Nogales cantaloupe deal is finished as well. Offshore has begun primarily of Guatemalan origin. Quality overall is fair and demand exceeds supply. Guatemala harvests are increasing in volume and bringing the market back to normal.

Apple farmers were expecting a great year volumewise, this season, but it seems that their projections were overly optimistic. There are recent shortages on several varieties, including gal, granny smith, and fuji. Prices have risen each week for several in a row.

The lingering effects of heavy rain and cold weather in Northern Mexico have caused it to be a seller’s market for squash and zucchini. This trend should continue for the next week or so until supplies catch back up with demand. Quality has been a concern with product displaying issues such as heavy scarring, mechanical damage and pitting.

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