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January 28th, 2019 Supply Update: The cold and wet weather in Mexico has slowed down much of their vegetable harvests

The cold and wet weather in Mexico has slowed down much of the vegetable harvests down there.  Tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, and many other items should be hitting full swing right now, but are seeing very limited production and seeing higher than desired pricing.

Cantaloupe supplies are much better after several weeks of very short supply.  The domestic growing deal is finished and the Nogales cantaloupe deal is finished as well.  Offshore supplies are coming into better volumes and it’s definitely benefitting the markets.  Wintertime, imported melons are typically not as sweet as what we grow domestically.

The cabbage market is finally starting to turn around after a year of the highest pricing in memory.  Prices are falling as supplies are improving every day.  Florida, Texas, and Mexico are all pulling cabbage now and expecting better volumes to come.  Hopefully the market will return to normal levels soon.

Cauliflower and broccoli are way down this week, as weaker demand at the higher pricing levels has dropped the market.  Supplies are still light due to the cold temps for the past couple of weeks, but prices are lower.

Strawberry markets are starting to show the effects of Valentine’s Day promotions and increases in demand.  Prices will jump as we get closer to the 14th.  Valentine’s Day is the second heaviest demand of the year for strawberries, following Mother’s Day.

We’re now shipping several varieties of organic lettuce from our greenhouse.  All 100% Organic, local, sustainable, and beautiful. Give us a call to find out more!

(A grilled chicken salad made with our organic butter lettuce.)

Following harvest, it was determined that due to excessive rains in these growing areas in late August, many fields had to be abandoned. As a result, the overall harvest is down 20-40% across all varieties. This may not cause an immediate impact to pricing, but it will start to materialize in the weeks and months ahead to the end of Q1.

Q: What do you call a Ram’s fan holding a bottle of champagne after the Super Bowl?  A:  A waiter.


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