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July 15th, 2019 Supply Update: After the longest bull market for celery in history, the dam has finally burst.

After the longest bull market for celery in history, the dam has finally burst.  Pricing is WAY down, with Michigan hitting the street with a lot of volume and crushing those high prices we’ve all been facing.  Prices are at a third of where they were a week ago and a fourth of what they were a month ago.  For a staple in everyone’s kitchen, this is a big deal and a happy moment.

Tomatoes are coming into heavier numbers locally with more growers bringing product to market.  We started the season with tunnel grown product (basically a greenhouse with no ends) and now we’re starting to see some field grown fruit.  Usually the 4th of July is the starting point for most of our tomato crop.  Volumes should only continue to improve from this point on.  We have heirlooms, vineripes, cherry and grape tomatoes from local vendors now.

Many strawberry shippers are still seeing lighter supplies due to the rain and hot weather from a few weeks ago, with production down up to 35% due to damage to green fruit and flowers during that time.  Supplies are very limited and growers are prorating or cancelling orders.  Quality is very iffy on the little bit of product that they are shipping.

The current regions for production on asparagus have been sustaining challenges in production due to events beyond their control.  Mexico has recently been experiencing heavy rain as well as damaging amounts of hail.

Peru weather has been very cold causing the production to be extremely lower than normal.  With these events affecting the production in both growing regions, it has caused an extreme condition within the market as well as in costs of the product that is being harvested. 

Yellow squash harvests continue be way down but we do expect more regions to start producing volume as the local finally starts to unwind.  Here locally, only limited production is being seen due to the heat.  New Jersey is practically done for the season with yellow squash.  Zucchini has become more readily available. Squash will continue to remain pricey and short.  We will be seeing more coming out of Michigan soon.

We are in the transition between new and old crop potatoes.  New crop reds have started and prices are up on the freshly dug spuds. 


Q: Why do potatoes make good detectives? A: Because they keep their eyes peeled.


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Thank You for Your Business!
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