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July 1st, 2019 Supply Update: North Carolina’s veggie season is really cranking up!

Happy Birthday America!

North Carolina’s veggie season is really cranking up!  Lots of items are available from all of our local growers now.  New this week is white sweet corn and red and green peppers!  Yellow corn should begin next week.Still available locally are grape and vine ripened tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and zucchini, blueberries, broccoli, peaches, and of course our locally grown organic lettuces!

After one of the highest, longest markets in memory, supplies of celery are slowly improving as volume increases in the northern growing regions.  Quality reports show very nice product with clean appearance and good condition.  With the proven health benefits of celery causing a juicing craze that will likely continue, hopefully the farmers can get more acreage planted and bring equilibrium back to the market.

Cabbage loosened up a lot last week, with local growers bringing more product to town.

Lettuces have really borne the brunt of the high temps in California fields.  Quality on many varieties has suffered, and farmers are begging us all to be lenient on what they’re harvesting.  Many baby varieties like Little Gem are simply not available.

Strawberries remain extremely tight and continue to show the heat related issues that we’ve all been seeing.  It’s taken a while for the growers to catch back up with demand, and many are just out due to the heat.

North Carolina blueberry farmers are continuing their season, but it seems like they’re getting a slow start and volumes are not where they should be for this time of year. Quality has been excellent.

Mexican limes are in good volume now, and quality has been excellent.  Pricing remains down on the increased supply.

New crop red potatoes are starting in Florida and they are so delicious with their tender skins.  Pricing is up on the fresh harvests, and remember that they won’t last as long as their wintertime counterparts due to the higher moisture content.

We’re now shipping several varieties of organic lettuce from our greenhouse.  We’re also growing large quantities of chard, and chives!  All 100% Organic, local, sustainable, and beautiful. Give us a call to find out more!

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Thank You for Your Business!
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