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July 22nd, 2019 Supply Update: Celery production in the Salinas Valley has finally brought the market back in balance

Celery production in the Salinas Valley has finally brought the market back in balance with steady supply meeting demand this week. Quality reports show very nice product with good color, clean appearance, and good condition.  Michigan, Ohio, and Mexican growers are bringing their celery to market now too, so there’s plenty for everyone and pricing is much lower.

Supplies of iceberg lettuce continue to be very limited to start this week as most growers continue to limit production in order to allow upcoming fields to gain size and weight. Iceberg quality reports show overall clean quality with some misshapen and low density heads. Supplies of leaf lettuces are slightly better to start this week with quality reports showing improved sizing.   

After a great spring season, our locally grown Earth Family Organics lettuce is finished until fall.  The heat is just not good for lettuce.  We are still growing rainbow and red chard, though.  Call for more information.

Peru weather has been very cold causing asparagus production to be much lower than normal.  With these events affecting the production in both growing regions, it has caused an extreme condition within the market as well as in costs of the product that is being harvested. 

A lot of local growers are seeing limited production because of the heat and the seasonal end of their harvests.  Many are resetting now for their fall growing season.  So, we’re in a little gap for many local items such as squash, peppers, corn and cucumbers.  There are still a few around, but the heat is negatively affecting the quality on what is out there.  Tomatoes, though, are just getting started good.  Supplies are increasing and quality has been excellent on all varieties.  We’re even seeing some gorgeous varieties of local heirloom tomatoes.

Mexico’s grape season is winding down, and California is poised to crank up over the coming weeks. Nice fresh and crisp fruit has been what we’re seeing.

Avocado supplies are increasing in Mexico, and pricing is on the slide.  It dropped almost $20 last week and is expected to drop even more this coming week.

Onion supplies are starting the new season light, and expected to be tight throughout the growing season.

We are in the transition between new and old crop potatoes.  New crop reds have started and prices are up on the freshly dug spuds. 


Q: Why did the grape stop in the middle of the road?

A: He ran out of juice.


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Thank You for Your Business!
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