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July 23, 2018 Supply Update: the recent high heat delivered the knock out blow to the lemon industry …

High winds late December heavily damaged the lemon crop, but the recent high heat delivered the knock out blow to the lemon industry.  Supplies are at critical levels and not expected to recover for months.  Expect record level high pricing, marginal to poor quality, hit or miss availability and non-typical sizing.  In recent weeks we’ve been suggesting substituting limes where possible and that’s still a good idea.

Local tomatoes are really cranking up, with lots of farmers bringing their fruit to the market.  Prices are falling with the increase in volumes, and we’re seeing a lot of heirlooms available all of the sudden.  With the warm days ahead, we should have a great season.

Local squash and zucchini farmers are done with their season, but other areas are more than picking up the slack.  We’ve made the transition soon to Tennessee and Michigan, and they have plentiful supplies.

Our NC growers are finishing up their corn season also, and it’s been a great one for them.  Sizing was a bit on the smaller side, but quality overall was beautiful.  Fresh, sweet and juicy ears were all we saw.  They’ll have another harvest later in the year as that crop matures.

Cantaloupes and honeydews seem to be in season everywhere right now.  With Athena varieties coming out of the southeast, and huge quantities being harvested in California, melons are plentiful, beautiful, and cheap.  This is a great time to feature them on your summer menus.

Watermelons are in a glut situation, with more melons coming to market than the farmers can sell.  Supplies are abundant, prices are low, and quality has been excellent.

Mexican Limes are at their peak, with strong harvests of preferred sizes like 175 and 200 count.  Quality is excellent and pricing remains very good.

This week’s weather forecast for the Salinas Valley calls for favorable temperatures with only two of the next ten days expected to be above the normal range.  This is perfect growing weather out there. Plentiful supplies are expected over the next few weeks, and demand has dropped off from last week as the pull for the 4th of July holiday comes to a close. Excellent quality is reported this week with nice texture, clean appearance and sizes improving.

“ I believe when life gives you lemons, you should try to find someone whose life as given them vodka and have a party.”   –  Ron White


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