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July 29th, 2019 Supply Update: Mexican limes dropped two weeks ago

Mexican limes dropped two weeks ago, but rains and thunderstorms in the growing areas are driving them back up.  Quality has been good on the fruit that is crossing the border, though.  We’ll have to let things dry out down there and see what the forecast is then.

After a great spring season, our locally grown Earth Family Organics lettuce is finished until fall.  The heat is just not good for lettuce.  We are still growing rainbow and red chard, though.  Call for more information.

Local blueberries are slowing way down, but we’re seeing some nice fresh harvests out of Michigan and New Jersey as it’s much cooler there.

Michigan and Ohio are the primary shipping points for squash, corn, pepper, cucumbers and other vegetables right now.  Their season is just getting started and we’re getting in great stuff from there right now.  Should be a great summer and then when it cools back down we’ll move back to our local growers.

Tomatoes, though, are just getting started good.  Supplies are increasing and quality has been excellent on all varieties.  We’re even seeing some gorgeous varieties of local heirloom tomatoes.

Mexico’s grape season is winding down, and California is poised to crank up over the coming weeks. Nice fresh and crisp fruit has been what we’re seeing.

We should see the first new crop Bartlett pears in another couple of weeks.  Gala apples will begin shortly after that and then we’re off to the races for another apple season.

Onion supplies are starting the new season light, and expected to be tight throughout the growing season.  We’re anticipating high markets through the summer.

We are in the transition between new and old crop potatoes.  New crop reds have started and prices are up on the freshly dug spuds. 


Q: What do you call a lime who’s job is to perform jokes and act silly for the king?

A: The court zester!


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Thank You for Your Business!
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