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July 2nd, 2018 Supply Update: Asparagus prices are easing upward …

Asparagus prices are easing upward. The daily increases are due to the cooler temperatures in both growing regions of Peru and the heavy rains in the central growing regions of Mexico. All this together is directly affecting the amount of asparagus available to be shipped.

Local vegetables are coming in strong. Currently we are seeing yellow squash, zucchini, bell peppers, cucumbers, blueberries, yellow and white corn, grape tomatoes, green tomatoes, vine ripened red tomatoes, red romas and more.

Local heirlooms are becoming a day by day item as to availability. Please give us some lead time for those.

California vegetable prices are steady and are mostly in the bottom range of what shippers need to break even for growing, harvesting and packing. However, freight cost continues to rise as trucks are in extremely short supply. As a example, our cost this week went up about $1,000 for our California load or about a dollar increase per package over last week.

White chef potatoes are nonexistent. There is a gap between the Florida harvest and the eastern North Carolina harvest. Wet fields have slowed the harvest. Even then, North Carolina does not generate many large potatoes. It will be after the harvest moves up to the northeast that we start to see larger potatoes that will make chef size. We suggest using the #2 Idaho potatoes as a good substitute.

Yukon gold potatoes are also gapping on the east coast. We just starting pulling from California to fill in until volume comes back to the east coast. Prices will be higher but it’s better than being out!

Local Strawberries are gone. Driscoll is saying expect slight price increases as volume is reduced due to cooler nights. This should only be a slight adjustment.

Local blueberries are still in great supply. Since they are in full pints, it’s a great time to put some in the freezer if you are planning to.

Apple and Idaho potato prices remain steady as storage inventories on both are about right for this time of the year.

Please remember, we will be closed on Independence Day, July 4th.
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