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July 8th, 2019 Supply Update: Lettuce markets remain elevated while supplies of leaf and Iceberg lettuces remain very limited

Lettuce markets remain elevated while supplies of leaf and Iceberg lettuces remain very limited.  Most growers have limited production this week to allow upcoming fields to gain size and weight. Current harvests are producing lower yields due to small sizing and there are also reports of a small supply gap in place due to the late season rains this spring.  Some of the effects of the heat wave are still visible.

The squash deal has moved out of North Carolina for a month or so with the high heat finishing off whatever was left in the fields. Yields are way down and product is very limited due to excessive scarring and scuffing.  On the other end, zucchini is more available.  Local supply has started with production from multiple regions from east to west.

Corn is just reaching its stride locally, with white, bicolor and yellow all available now.  Quality has been beautiful and pricing is very good due to the heavy volume.  With holiday demand over, we may even see pricing slide a bit.

Tomatoes are coming into heavier numbers locally with more growers bringing product to market.  We started the season with tunnel grown product (basically a greenhouse with no ends) and now we’re starting to see some field grown fruit.  Usually the 4th of July is the starting point for most of our tomato crop.  Volumes should only continue to improve from this point on.  We have heirlooms, vineripes, cherry and grape tomatoes from local vendors now.

Many shippers are still seeing lighter supplies due to the rain and hot weather from a few weeks ago, with production down up to 35% due to damage to green fruit and flowers during that time.  Supplies are very limited and growers are prorating or cancelling orders.  Quality is very iffy on the little bit of product that they are shipping.

Summertime means watermelons and we have plenty and now is a great time to promote them!  Supplies are strong and pricing is great with heavy volume coming from many growing areas right now.


Thank you for your business and Have a Great Week!

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Thank You for Your Business!
Have a Great Week!