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June 10th, 2019 Supply Update: Asparagus pricing is very favorable

Asparagus pricing is very favorable

Peru is shipping a ton of asparagus right now and it’s coinciding with Washington State, Michigan, and California’s seasons. Basically the market is flooded with asparagus and pricing is very favorable. It’s a great time to feature and promote asparagus on your menus.

Strawberries have been extremely tight for the past 2 weeks due to rain, flooding and hail storms in growing area of California. NC growers finished up 2 weeks ago with the 100 degree days. That’s death on strawberries and quality really suffered. California has dried back out now, and after stripping the vines of fruit, the plants have refruited and they’re up and going again. Supplies and quality have improved dramatically.

Northern Mexico and Southern California are beginning their melon seasons, and honeydews and cantaloupes are much more widely available. Quality should be improving also, as they don’t have to pick them prematurely to successfully make the trip to America on a boat.

Pepper markets took a dip last week, and pricing fell with the increased volumes, but rains late in the week in Mexico shut down production and prices went right back up. Our local growers should start picking soon and we’ll have local as soon as it’s available.

Cucumber supplies remains plentiful in Mexico. In Georgia, supplies are strong. North Carolina and South Carolina have started and other local regions are just around the corner. Over the next few weeks, it seems like there will be a fair amount of supply available.

Squash remains plentiful across multiple growing regions. Georgia is at the peak of the season, with both yellow and green plentiful and quality pretty good, for the most part. Nogales and Florida are still in the game; zucchini more available for sure, yellow is pretty much done for the season. Other local regions like South Carolina, Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, and New Jersey are getting started with their summer squash program.

Corn growers are really reaching their stride and looking to move some product. There is plenty of volume of corn in Florida Georgia and the quality has been excellent.

We’re stocking and shipping red and rainier cherries currently. Though they are so delicious and a real treat every year, cherry season only lasts until the first rain storm destroys the crop, so get them while you can.



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