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March 11th, 2019 Supply Update: North and South Carolina peach orchards took a very hard hit

North and South Carolina peach orchards took a very hard hit last week when the hard freeze came through. Due to the warm weather we’ve been having, many, many of the trees were in full bloom when the freeze occurred. The crop was devastated. We’re looking at a very short season for peaches this year. Expect short supplies and high pricing all season long. The season will also start later as most of the early to harvest varieties were the most hurt. Below is a picture of one of our vendor’s orchards on Thursday morning.

Cold weather is causing big troubles on the vegetable markets too…Broccoli & Cauliflower are both seeing reduced yields this week. With frost in the West Coast fields in the mornings, growers are predicting reduced harvests for the next few weeks and, some say, until the Yuma, Arizona season ends! Rain also hit the Salinas area during the first plantings of these crops so we are anticipating a volatile market through the transition to spring.

Squash supplies remain on the shorter side in Mexico due to the cold weather experienced 10 days ago. Newer fields that were supposed to start last week have been pushed and should
get going by this weekend. Florida is coming with decent volume of zucchini with really good quality. On the other end, yellow squash is a little harder to come by. The short-term outlook seems to be on the shorter side; however, we expect quality and volume to likely increase toward the end of next week.

Iceberg, Romaine, and Leaf Lettuce supplies remain tight after the frost with markets higher to start this week. Quality reports show fair overall condition with occasional close trim and some blister on the cap leaves. There is a wide range of quality after the recent frost and rains last week.

We’re harvesting good volumes on many organic lettuce varieties in our greenhouse. Growth has slowed a bit with the cloudy weather, but lots of delicious baby lettuces and even Tuscan Kale are being picked every week. Ask for a sample and try some today!

Q: What’s a penguin’s favorite

A: Iceberg!


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Thank You for Your Business!
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