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March 4th, 2019 Supply Update: The Cauliflower and Broccoli supplies are extremely tight due to rain

The Cauliflower and Broccoli supplies are extremely tight due to rain.  Both products will continue to be very limited for another couple of weeks or so.

Cantaloupe markets have settled down as more volume comes into the country from central American sources.  Quality is improving as the supplies do.

The cold weather experienced last week has set some pepper fields back and production is way down compare to how it was a week ago, it’ll probably take 7-10 days before we start seeing steady crossings coming thru Nogales. Florida supply remains steady yet somewhat short compare to previous years

Celery supplies are extremely tight due to losses incurred early in the season from field disease coupled with current slow growth from recent cooler weather.  Prices remain very high.  Expect the trend to continue for a few more weeks.

Strawberry supplies are very limited this week in California due to cold weather and a chance of showers later in the week. After the holiday, the market prices have dropped significantly, but supplies remain tight.

After the tightest, shortest supply year in memory, cabbage is slowly coming back to life.  Supplies are steadily increasing in Florida fields and hopefully we’re getting back to normal production levels.

Mexican asparagus is coming into season and bringing a lot of much needed volume to the market.  Peruvian supplies are steady also, so the added shot of product is causing the market to fall to more favorable levels.  Quality has been excellent. 

Lettuce varieties of all kinds remain tight in California after the heavy frost with markets higher to start this week.  There is a wide range of quality after the recent frost and rains last week. 

We’re harvesting good volumes on many organic lettuce varieties in our greenhouse.  Growth has slowed a bit with the cloudy weather, but lots of delicious baby lettuces are being picked every week.  Ask for a sample and try some today!


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Thank You for Your Business!
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