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May 6th, 2019 Supply Update: East coast peaches are being harvested this weekend

East coast peaches are being harvested this weekend and we expect them to be available for shipping this week.  These tree-ripened old fashioned peaches are a hit every year and are heralds of summer on the way!

Celery markets remain extremely elevated to start this week as supply continues to fall below demand.  Quality reports are listing several issues which are limiting the amount that can be harvested.  The supply forecast for the next few weeks remains low as most growers will begin harvesting fields that were planted during the heavy rains in late January and early February.  Supply is expected to fluctuate week to week due to these rain-related planting delays that will likely affect the industry as a whole.    

Blueberry season is upon us, and we’re looking forward to NC growers harvesting their first berries over the coming weeks.  Quality from Florida and Georgia has been gorgeous, and our local growers are expecting to continue the trend.

Zucchini squash remains plentiful in Nogales, Florida and Georgia.  Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for yellow squash where demand exceeds supply as good quality yellow squash remains scarce. Georgia has started with their spring crop but yields on yellow squash are not keeping up with the zucchini.  We do expect volume from Georgia to gradually start increasing as more growers start to get into the game.  Florida will continue to produce their normal volume; but short term, expect yellow squash to remain scarce.

The Gala apple crop is smaller in volume than last year. Prices are generally strong.  The Granny Smith crop is significantly smaller in volume than last year. Most of the availability is on oversized fruit (48s and 56s). Prices are high and shortages exist particularly on the smaller sizes.  There are deals to be had on Red Delicious. The crop is smaller in volume than last year but retaliatory tariffs and soft demand from export markets has reduced demand.  Prices have been trending and the lowest prices of the year are upon us.  The Golden Delicious crop is very short and product is very tight.  Prices are much higher than last year with small sizes especially scarce. Over the past several years, many Gold Delicious trees have been pulled out of the ground and replaced with other varieties that are gaining popularity.  The short crop this season has exasperated the situation.  As it seems to happen every year, the Honeycrisp market continues to rise as we get later in the season. Look for this trend to continue throughout April. There will be very limited supplies of import Honeycrisp, so we’re not looking to see an improvement until Fall.

The market in California will be volatile for broccoli and cauliflower for the coming weeks due to planting skips. These skips could last for 2-4 weeks.


Q: What is orange and sounds like a parrot?
A:  A carrot.


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Thank You for Your Business!
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