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October 1st, 2018 Supply Update: California strawberry growers are expecting favorable weather over the next month …

California strawberry growers are expecting favorable weather over the next month, and harvest volumes to hold fairly steady.  They are going into fall, though, and days will be shorter, causing the plants to slow their growth somewhat.

It’s springtime in Peru and that means asparagus season is going strong.  Volumes are increasing and pricing is on the slide.  It’s a great time to promote this delicious and healthy vegetable.

Cucumbers and peppers are both in a production gap between several growing areas.  Ohio and Michigan are finishing up for the year, while Georgia and Florida are just getting started.  NC growers were completely wiped out by Hurricane Florence.

One of the hardest hit crops by Florence was our sweet potato crop.  Some farmers had up to 30 inches of rain while the potatoes were still in the field.  They were unable to harvest and will likely lose their whole crop.  Sweet potatoes are anticipated to be short for the whole year, with markets higher than we normally see due to the lower numbers.

The apple harvest is coming on strong in many areas of the country.  Lots of varieties of NC apples are available now.  We have local fuji, gala, and honeycrisp in stock and available for shipping.  Washington State New crop apples are rolling in and they have Bartlett pears, galas,  honeycrisp, and some golden varieties being harvested.  Fall is on the way.

Hard, winter type squashes are coming into season, just in time for folks to plan their fall menus.  We have butternut, delicata, acorn, and spaghetti squashes.

Check out our list of dry goods for all of your disposable essentials.  We offer a very broad lineup of togo trays, cups, cleaning supplies, and even compostable options.  Paper straws are becoming very popular and we have them for you and your customers.


Q: What do you call a shoe made from bananas?

A: A Slipper!

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