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October 22nd, 2018 Supply Update: Hurricane Michael did considerable damage to sweet corn fields …


Hurricane Michael did considerable damage to sweet corn fields.  Many of the fields are laid over and it is doubtful that they will stand back up as they sometimes do after a storm.  California has small volumes of white corn, and Florida will not start until mid-November.  It could be a very tight market until then.  Prices will remain strong on the limited supply.

Idaho had a large baking potato crop this year and has been dealing on all sizes for several week.  However, overall planted acreage of russets is down nationwide (including Canada), which should firm up pricing once all regions have harvested.  We expect Northern Canada to finish harvesting by early November.  Colorado’s crop is seeing a large percentage of their harvest come out as big potatoes (40 count-60 count).  Which should keep pricing most favorable on those sizes.

Cabbage arkets remain tight across all loading regions as demand exceeds supply. Midwest deals have finished up much earlier than expected due to excessive rain. Later plantings in cooler temperatures have decreased product quality to some extent. We expect the market to remain tight until Southeast product is ready to harvest around the middle of November.

California navel oranges are finished for the season, and Chilean and other importing countries are having a difficult time keeping up with demand.  Oranges are extremely tight and will likely stay so until a new crop begins.  Florida should be starting their citrus season soon, but with the greening disease affecting so many of their farms, it will be very limited production.

Fall menus gotta have root vegetables, and we’ve made it easy on you by stocking all of your favorites.  We have rutabagas, parsnips, carrots, sweet potatoes, turnips, and several varieties of beets.  We even make an in-house root vegetable medley that’s ready to cook right up!!

Check out our list of dry goods for all of your disposable essentials.  We offer a very broad lineup of togo trays, cups, cleaning supplies, and even compostable options.  Paper straws are becoming very popular and we have them for you and your customers.

Q: What did the skeleton order for dinner?

A: Spare ribs!


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