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June 25th, 2018 Supply Update: We’ve seeing good production for local tomatoes …

We’ve seeing good production for local tomatoes, and quality has been beautiful on the increasing volumes. We’re currently sourcing local vine ripes, romas, grape tomatoes, heirloom varieties, and green tomatoes. Nice large sizes on the fruit is making them very popular. The season is just getting started, so expect heavier volumes and better pricing as we move into summer.

Local NC farmers have been harvesting good numbers on squash and zucchini and are now picking cucumbers, peppers, and white and bi-color corn. Squash is winding down for many farmers, but they’ll start harvesting eggplants and other items any time now.

As North Carolina finishes their seasons for several items, we’ll be moving north to New Jersey and Michigan. Probably the first item that NC growers will finish is blueberries, and then squash. We’ll stay with the local guys as long as we can, though.

Domestic asparagus is done, and everyone’s looking to Peru to fill the demand. Their seasonal pricing started out low, but with them being the only show in town, they’re raising prices now and expect them to be higher next week.

Stonefruit season is upon us! We have plums, peaches, pluots, cherries, apricots and nectarines!

Mexican Limes are at their peak, with strong harvests of preferred sizes like 175 and 200 count. Quality is excellent and pricing remains very good.

Mexico’s grape season has begun, but supplies are way down compared to past years. Pricing is strong as buyers fight over the few grapes that are available. As we transition into California vineyards, volumes should improve and prices are expected to slide.

D’anjou pears are winding down for the year, we’ll only have a few more week’s worth. California should start their Bartlett’s around July 15th or so.

Domestic growers are harvesting good numbers of cantaloupes and honeydews now, and we’re even seeing some Athena variety melons starting up with light volumes. Summer is definitely here!

What’s Local Now?
Blueberries, corn, squash, zucchini, pepper, cucumbers, and peaches.

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