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September 30th, 2019 Supply Update: The nippy weather last week has people thinking about fall and everything pumpkin spice!

The nippy weather last week has people thinking about fall and everything pumpkin spice!  We’re bringing in pumpkins of all shapes and sizes as well as winter hard squashes like butternut, spaghetti, acorn and delicata.

Asparagus is currently being harvested in several locations and pricing is falling fast.  Quality is also improving with the new fields coming to maturity.

Heat in California broccoli fields is really shutting down their season.  Supplies are extremely tight and orders are being cut to about 10% of what we normally get for this coming week.  Expect to see higher pricing and less availability until things cool back down for them.

Bell pepper remains at rock bottom pricing, with Michigan, Canada, and New Jersey still harvesting.  Georgia started last week too, so there is definitely a glut and everyone is looking to sell.  As a result, prices are staying low until the supply tightens up.

The 2019 Peach season was one of the smoothest I recall.  Quality was awesome all year long and there were plenty for all who wanted them.  Sadly, though, the season is ending and we’ll ship our last peaches of the year this week.  I’m already looking forward to spring!

Avocados are increasing in worldwide supply, with Mexico, California, Peru, Chile and Columbia currently harvesting good volumes and pricing is falling off as a result.

Lime regions are still showing the effects of extreme drought. Lime peak sizing is still on smaller sizes with premium pricing on the larger fruit. Crossings from Mexico decreased about 20% from last week.  Drought conditions will affect the long-term production on the crop and markets are expected to remain high through December.

As Idaho begins their baking potato season, supplies are increasing daily.  Pricing is way down and quality is going to be vastly improving over the coming weeks.  Great time to feature potato side dishes.

Q:  Why is milk the fastest liquid on earth?

A:  It’s pasteurized before you even see it.

“I ordered two large fries.  Instead I just got a bunch of little ones.  What a ripoff!”