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September 9th, 2019 Supply Update: Hurricane Dorian is bearing down on our coast.

At the time of this writing, Hurricane Dorian is bearing down on our coast.  We hope everyone stayed safe and had minimal impacts due to the storm.  The impact on our agricultural partners will be determined in the coming weeks and we’ll let you know the extent as soon as we can.

NC growers are just now starting their season again.  We’re seeing beautiful cucumbers, squash and zucchini coming to market.  Supplies are strong and pricing has been very favorable.  We’ll have to see what it looks like next week with all of this rain coming.

California’s strawberry deal is improving with the move to more northern growing areas.  Quality has been pretty iffy for the past few weeks due to the high field heat.  The move north will allow the fruit to grow more slowly and look prettier as a result.  The downside is that volume is lower and pricing will start easing up with the shorter supplies.

East coast blueberries are finished for the year, but it was a great season!  We’ll be using California Driscoll blueberries for the time being as long as their season allows it.  It’s really hard to beat their quality.

Post-holiday demand will be sluggish for most lettuces and likely drive the market downwards for iceberg, romaine, and leaf lettuces.  Quality has been really nice.

Apple season is getting started in California and Washington State.  Even eastern apple growers in Georgia, NC, and Virginia are picking and packing apples.  It’s hard to believe that Fall is already almost here.

Mexican Lime groves have been seeing a lot of shortages with heat causing quality issues and shortening the supplies able to be harvested.  Pricing has been rising for the past couple of weeks as a result.

Cabbage volumes are finally catching up with demand.  Improved supplies and stronger harvests from several area have pricing way down for this week.

Our organic greenhouse is really cranking out the chard, both red and rainbow colors.  We are also planting lettuce and doing some test grows of microgreens that we’re excited to offer in about 3 weeks!

Q: What’s the Fastest Growing City on Earth?
A: The capital of Ireland.  It’s Dublin every day.


Thank you for your business and Have a Great Week!

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Thank You for Your Business!
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