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Employment Opportunities at Ford’s Produce

COVID-19 Update **** Interviews by Appointment only! We are hiring for our team. When arriving at appointment you must wear a mask and have your temperature taken.  DO NOT Come to appointment with a fever or without a mask.  We are looking for the following position:

Ways to submit your application to us: Fill out application below and submit or Download, Fill and Email Fords Produce Employment Application with your Resume to or Fax application and resume to: 919-834-8716. Ford’s Personnel Department will follow up with you with a phone call or email. 

See Directions to Ford’s Produce here.  Ford’s Produce Company, Inc. is proud to be a smoke free, drug free workplace!  All applicants must pass a pre-employment drug screen and criminal background check. Please fill out the employment application form below.

Pre-Application Check-Off

STOP at the 1st point you cannot comply or choose not to continue. Any item left blank will end your consideration for employment. We may or may not be filling positions at this time. Your COMPLETED application will remain active for 90 days.

Testing and Verifications

Reading / Math / Driving / Other Tests scheduled at our designated times. Minimal testing scores are required and second tests are not offered. Driving records are required for some positions. Minimal insurance standards must be met to be considered for those driving positions.

Drug Testing

Drug Testing - Pre-employment, Random, For Cause and Post-Accident drug tests are required. Failure of any drug/alcohol test prior to or during employment is grounds for immediate dismissal.

Criminal Background Check

Criminal Background Check - Any convictions (felony or misdemeanor) details are required. Criminal background check is done if you are offered a job.

Employment Eligibility Verification

Employment Eligibility Verification - 2 forms of ID required at offer of employment. (Driver License, official ID, social security card, passports, permanent residence card)

Employment Verification

Employment Verification - 3 years employment history - Prior employers, day time phone numbers, supervisors’ names
Note: Criminal background checks are required for specific positions within the company.

High School


Technical, Business or Professional School



EMPLOYMENT HISTORY - Please list previous employers with most recent employer first. Periods of unemployment should be included



(Ford’s Produce/Ford’s Gourmet Foods/ Mr. Fresh! hereafter referred to as Ford’s)

Employment Eligibility - Ford’s complies with all federal and state immigration laws and regulations and is committed to providing a workplace free from discrimination, including any discrimination based on national origin or citizenship status. To comply with the federal Immigration Reform and Control Act, all new hires must complete appropriate sections of the federal Department of Homeland Security's Form I-9 and provide documents, which are listed on the form, that establish identity and employment eligibility. Employees who fail to produce required documentation within three business days of the date employment begins are subject to termination.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Ford’s is committed to providing equal employment opportunity for all employees and applicants regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, citizenship status, disability, genetic information, or veteran status. Equal opportunity extends to all aspects of the employment relationship, including hiring, promotions, training, working conditions, compensation, and benefits. In all hiring and employment practices, Ford’s provides reasonable accommodations to qualified employees and applicants with disabilities unless the accommodations create an undue hardship for the company.

Questions for Applicants with a Driver License

Note: The majority of our employees are required to have a current driver license. The accident record and conviction record will be a determining factor in obtaining, as well as maintaining, employment with Ford’s. Should the accident/conviction record not meet the on-going standard established by our insurance carrier, employment will not be considered for applicants or continued for current employees. It is the responsibility of the employee to notify the company of any accidents involving motor vehicles as well as any traffic convictions. Failure to do so can result in loss of employment. If properly notified by the employee and an available position is open that does not require a driver’s license, the employee may be considered for that position.

Traffic Convictions Forfeitures for the Past 3 Years

Accident Record During Previous 3 Years:

Accident #2 Record During Previous 3 Years:

Accident #3 Record During Previous 3 Years:

Driving Experience

Type of Equipment
Type of Equipment
Type of Equipment
Type of Equipment

Consent, Authorization, and Acknowledgement Agreement

I understand, acknowledge, and provide my consent & authorization (Please print) to: Make any investigation and to obtain all lawful information which you deem necessary in connection with this application and to circulate such information to the appropriate persons who consider this application. I request and authorize all references and former employers to supply information about me verbally or in writing to you. In consideration for their furnishing such information, I hereby waive any claims against them which may arise from their furnishing such information. I certify that the information contained in this application is true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that any falsification or omission of information may cause my immediate dismissal or rejection of this application. I agree that I may be required to complete a medical exam for initial and continued employment. I further understand that in the event I am employed, such employment is at will and I agree that, if hired, my employment is for no definite period and may, regardless of the date of payment of my wages and salary, be terminated at any time, without prior notice. Neither I nor the potential employer have agreed on any specific period of employment nor any specific pay or benefits unless otherwise set forth in a separate contract.

Alternate Dispute Resolution

I agree to any claim or dispute between us, whether related to this application for employment or otherwise, including those created by practice, common law, court decision, or statute, now existing or created later, including any related to allegations of violations of state or federal statutes related to discrimination, and all disputes about the validity of the arbitration clause, shall be exclusively resolved utilizing a two-step Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) process as follows: 1) First, through mediation utilizing the Rules and Mediator provided by Dispute Systems, Inc., a neutral entity, or its successor; and 2) Failing settlement by mediation, we agree that all claims and disputes, including those of jurisdiction and arbitrability, shall be resolved by neutral binding arbitration conducted by the National Arbitration Forum (NAF), under the NAF Code of Procedure in effect at the time any claim is made, the Dispute Resolution Policy and the Arbitration Rules of Dispute Systems, Inc., or its successor. Any award of the arbitrator(s) may be entered as a judgment in any court of competent jurisdiction. In signing this Application, I am expressly waiving any right to trial by jury or judicial appeal.

Sex Offender & Public Protection Program Compliance

Ford’s as a vendor of school systems, performs pre-employment criminal background checks on most positions within our company. Annual criminal background checks are also required. In accordance with North Carolina G.S. 14-208.18, all persons who (1) are required to register under the Sex Offender and Public Protection Program AND (2) have been convicted of any sexually violent offense or any offense in which the victim was under the age of 16 years at the time of the offense are expressly forbidden to knowingly be present on any property owned or operated by the school system. Felonies or misdemeanors involving sex, drugs, or violence also apply. You are indicating by your signature below that you understand the criminal background check requirements and have never been convicted as outlined above. You also understand that it is your responsibility to notify the Personnel Manager immediately of any convictions in the future if you are employed.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

I agree to allow Ford’s to collect urine samples from me to determine the presence of drugs or alcohol in my body. Further, I give my consent to the release of my test results to authorized Ford’s management for appropriate review. I understand that the results of the drug/alcohol testing of my urine, if positive, will remove me from consideration for employment. I also understand that if I refuse to consent, I will be removed from further consideration for employment. In addition to pre-employment testing, Ford’s will also conduct random, reasonable suspicion and post-accident drug and alcohol testing during your employment. I understand that my compliance with all the guidelines of the Drug and Alcohol Policy of Ford’s is required throughout any employment.

Confidential Information

I agree not to use or disclose outside my employment with Ford’s, any confidential information, trade secrets, or proprietary information, whatsoever its form, obtained in connection with my employment with Ford’s.


I agree to receive business related emails from Ford’s.

We look forward to serving you!