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July 18th, 2022 Supply Update: Stone Fruit – Peach season continues and we’re into free – stone varieties now.

Stone Fruit - Bing Cherries in a collander

Bananas – The market is up again and product will continue to get tighter next week and for several weeks going forward. Flooding, tropical storms and other weather related issues have affected production. With the tight supplies, everyone is running out of fruit as fast as it comes in, making it difficult to leave it in the cooler long enough to ripen.

Cabbage– We’re shipping local Cabbage and the season has been great so far. We’re expecting their season to continue through August as long as the weather cooperates with them.

Corn – We’re starting to see local sweet corn coming to the market. We’re looking forward to a great summer season.

Cucumbers – Georgia fields are wide open on most items now, and cucumber quality is much improved. Our local farmers are supposed to begin harvests this week.

Eggs – Wholesale prices for eggs continue to post sharp advances on light to moderate supplies and light to very light offerings. A combination of flock replacements and hot weather in production areas is limiting available supply of larger eggs. This, coupled with good demand from retail and food service, is helping to support the rise in prices. I don’t know when we’ll finally see egg prices come back to normal, but cooler weather this fall certainly can’t hurt.

Grapes – West coast grape growers are well into their season, with Mexico kicking off their harvest and soon we’ll be steadily into California grapes. There are still plenty of late arriving import grapes available and that’s keeping the market flat across the board.

Stone Fruit – Peach season continues and we’re into free – stone varieties now. Color and quality have been beautiful and they’re so delicious. We have beautiful and delicious Bing Cherries in stock too!

Potatoes – Many Idaho shippers are now completely out of potatoes and waiting on August harvests to restock their packing houses. Prices have jumped severely on the sudden shortages as everyone is trying to cover their needs. On a positive note, fingerlings are back in good supply.

Eastern Mixed Vegetables – Crazy hot days in NC for the last couple of weeks caused a gap in production in many items. Michigan is beginning their harvests and other areas are set to start also, bringing plenty of product to market.

Q: If A is for apple and B is for banana, what C for?

A: Plastic explosive.