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February 21st, 2022 Supply Update: Asparagus – We have not been seeing the volumes we were expecting to see by this time of the season.


Asparagus – We have not been seeing the volumes we were expecting to see by this time of the season. Yields have been 40% down (industry-wide) from what was projected and even with better temperatures in Caborca after the freeze (that affected the fields a week ago), we are not seeing the expected volumes. Prices are going up on what little comes available.

Avocados – This is a big deal. One of our most popular produce items in America is the Avocado. About 90% that are sold in the US are imported from Mexico, and much preferred due to their oil content being much better than other growing areas. The cartels down there have been extorting the growers to the tune of 1000’s of dollars per acre per year. Now they’ve threatened some US Inspectors down there and the US immediately halted imports of Mexican avocados the night before the Big Game. There were already a lot on hand in warehouses and on the road, but when the supply stops completely like that, it’s going to take a while to get straightened back out even after negotiations get imports going again. We’ll keep you posted on their progress as we know it, but expect drastic shortages and much higher prices in the short term.

Bananas – Remain extremely limited in supply, while demand is extremely high, causing chaos in the market. They’re selling so fast that shippers aren’t able to hold fruit back long enough to ripen, causing everyone to be out of ripe bananas at the same time. We’re working to buy extra fruit in order to allow it to ripen in time for shipment to you, but it’s been difficult keeping up with demand.

Grapes – We’re seeing much better availability for grapes as importers finally seem to have been able to unload their grapes off of the waiting ships. Supplies are better and pricing should begin to follow as the shortages are reduced.

Melons – Imported cantaloupes and honeydews are a great buy right now, with super high quality and plentiful supplies keeping pricing low.

Onions – Remain extremely short and prices continue to rise as shippers pro-rate orders to make their storage supplies last until the new crop begins harvest down in Mexico. We’re in for another couple of months of tight supply until they get started down there.

Peppers and Squash – Temperatures in Florida have warmed back up and the vegetable machine got cranked back up. Supplies are much better on squash, peppers, corn and other items this week.

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