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January 27, 2020 Supply Update: An interesting new development has occurred in Georgia as they have begun harvesting satsuma mandarins

Memorial Day- Asparagus – Volume exceeds demand.

An interesting new development has occurred in Georgia as they have begun harvesting satsuma mandarins(A type of seedless tangerine). Before this year, nobody heard of citrus in Georgia as it was too cold for many varieties. However, they’re successfully harvesting beautiful, delicious and sweet mandarins down there and we have them in stock for you. Enjoy! They’re awesome.

The squash situation continues to get worse without any short-term relief in sight. Prices are staying strong and climbing due to the following factors. Whatever little volume that was being harvest in Florida will come to a complete stop due to the cool weather starting this week. Nogales continues to struggle with any kind of volume, as they continue to battle disease and lost acreage. Florida doesn’t have enough volume to meet the demand.

Due to the cooler weather and limited availability on the west coast, it has sent much of the asparagus demand to the Peruvian market. This has caused the pricing to increase drastically, and availability to be more limited. The expectation is that the markets will remain this way for the next several weeks until the Mexican production begins in a few weeks.

Egg markets continue to fall off with the heavy holiday demand past us. Every year they go up right before Thanksgiving and every year they go back down right after Christmas. Just like clockwork and this year is playing out textbook.

Supplies of California lettuces have been limited over the last week and are expected to remain tight over the next few weeks. The colder weather has slowed growth and the heavy rains in December had a negative impact on yield in the growing areas. There have been multiple days with lettuce ice over the last few weeks that has caused quality issues that they’re trying to work through. Quality reports are reflecting the impact of the freeze damage.

We’re harvesting beautiful Chard, Tuscan Kale, and baby lettuces out of our organic greenhouse. Give it a try and support sustainable, local, organic agriculture!

With avocado supplies remaining light, pricing has remained strong over the past 3 weeks. Week 1 was met with an almost empty pipeline coming out of the holiday weeks and the new inbounds have gone out almost as fast as the loads have come across the border to refill the needs of customers. Demand has increased considerably as we enter the major loading weeks for the Big Game! Expect pricing to remain strong until the second week of February.

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