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August 22nd, 2022 Supply Update: Eggs – Egg prices dropped again significantly last week and we hope that’s a sign of the future.

White Eggs

Eggs – Egg prices dropped again significantly last week and we hope that’s a sign of the future. Brown cage free eggs remain cheaper than whites, but the gap is shrinking.

Asparagus – Market has stabilized somewhat with supply meeting most of the demand. We’re currently seeing a little better flow of volume coming from Peru, but Mexico is still low in volume. Prices are still high due to the coming Labor Day holiday which is increasing the demand. Quality continues to be good.

Celery – Michigan has started their celery season, and prices are way down on this kitchen staple. With celery being a heavy product, freight rates from Michigan are a big savings.

Corn – Better volumes from Michigan, NJ and NY farms are seeing increased production and lower pricing on some really gorgeous corn. A few local farmers are starting to harvest a small amount again.

Cucumbers – We’re getting some beautiful cucumbers out of the western part of our state right now, and cooler more northern states are in peak production for the season, keeping markets lower. We expect to see increases toward the end of the month as heat becomes a factor for them.

Greens – Good volume and quality available on collard and kale. Turnip and mustard remain extremely limited due to the hot/dry conditions the whole country is experiencing.

Lettuce – High field temperatures and soil borne diseases have caused extreme supply shortages in California’s lettuce fields. Prices are soaring on the short supplies both for all lettuces and other vegetables are expected to rise for the same reasons.

Peppers – Supplies on green and colored bell peppers are much improved and pricing has become much more favorable.

Potatoes – A few Idaho potato shippers are back harvesting again, but due to empty barns and packing houses, prices are way up starting the season. It will take a while for the market to drop because of the high demand for the limited potatoes. It might be a wise choice to push other starches on your menus for the short term.

Tomatoes – Summertime means local tomatoes and this year is no exception. Every farmer is harvesting and everybody with a tomato vine in their backyard is picking their own tomatoes right now. Feature this versatile fruit right now! We also have local heirloom tomatoes in stock.

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