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October 31st, 2022 Supply Update: Apples – The apple market remains tight this week as we remain in transition between the new crop and the old crop.

Apples - Harvest is complete and we have a bumper crop of apples to sell this season.

Apples – The apple market remains tight this week as we remain in transition between the new crop and the old crop. Markets will be more volatile than normal over the next couple of weeks as we go through this transitional period. The crop in general is harvesting over 2 weeks late on just about every variety of apple. This is causing a more difficult transition than normal and creating tight and short markets on many varieties.

Asparagus – The market is still tight due to Mexico continuing to have issues. They have not only been hit by the rains due to the weather patterns lately but also by a big sandstorm that affected the fields close to Mexicali which resulted in more delays in the production of the new fields and low yields on the ones in production. Prices will continue to rise as we get closer to Thanksgiving.

Broccoli and Cauliflower – Have become increasingly tight. Limited harvests and poor weather have created a shortage that is driving prices higher.

Cucumbers and Squashes – Georgia is finishing up their season, but we’re already seeing crossings of Mexican squash and cucumbers, keeping pressure on markets for the time being. As we get a little further down the calendar and move into the time that Florida normally supplies the nation, prices will climb.

Peppers – Georgia is cranking up their season and markets are pretty stable. We expect to see changes in that as we transition to Florida due to the hurricane damages, but for now, all is good.

Potatoes – Russet harvest is nearing its completion. Acreage was down considerably in Idaho year over year and most reports are of lower yields and smaller sizing. This will mean higher pricing throughout the year, and a premium for large russets. That said, pricing is easing off as the pipelines are filling up and markets settle.

Tomatoes – We’re still learning the full extent of the damages done during Hurricane Ian to the Tomato crop. Fields that were planted in succession to supply the market through January were destroyed. This will be a long term problem.

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