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February 27th, 2023 Supply Update: Grapes – Seem to be getting more available as we reach the peak of the season.

grapes, zucchini available

Grapes – Seem to be getting more available as we reach the peak of the season. Quality has been exceptional so far this year and pricing is very good on the heavy volume.

Asparagus – Remains extremely tight, especially on larger sizes. The short supplies cause the farmers to harvest it as soon as possible to fill orders, not allowing the stalks to get large enough sizes. Prices will remain higher than we’re used to seeing until California’s season gets under way and Peruvian harvests resume.

Broccoli & Cauliflower – Broccoli is in good supply and prices are very favorable due to Georgia and Mexican farms harvesting strong volumes. Cauliflower is going the other way with shorter supplies driving pricing upwards.

Corn – Recent cold weather across Florida and Georgia will be an issue. Mexico also experienced colder than normal temperatures so look for markets to be unstable for now. Florida does have some smaller volume available, and markets continue to be high for the time being.

Honeydew & Cantaloupes – Both melons remain limited right now with slow harvests in Honduras keeping supplies light. Prices are steady.

Lettuce – Iceberg and leaf lettuce supplies are readily available this week with good overall quality. Markets are steadily going down as the supplies are there to fill demand now.

Potatoes – Demand has eased off and markets are steady as we move into the slow season for potatoes. There are ample supplies to meet demand, but prices have not fallen off as much as in past years due to the overall short crop. We should begin seeing some New Crop red and white potatoes from Florida very soon.

Strawberries – With Valentine’s Day past us, strawberry markets are expected to trend downward with lesser demand freeing up a lot of berries for the market.

Squash and Zucchini – Harvests are strong on zucchini, but the more delicate yellow squash is in much shorter supply. Prices reflect the discrepancy in supplies.

Watermelons – Are in very low volumes right now, but guess what? It’s wintertime and they’re supposed to be. We still have plenty to supply your needs, but we’ll all see better quality when the weather warms up.

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