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July 27th, 2020 Supply Update: Crazy hot weather for the past two weeks has stopped harvesting on many items here in North Carolina

We now have local corn, squash, zucchini, cabbage, broccoli, cucumbers, blueberries and more on the way!

Crazy hot weather for the past two weeks has stopped harvesting on many items here in North Carolina. Blueberries, Squash and Cucumbers are all finished for a while but we should have another crop coming to maturity in September or so. Meanwhile we’ve moved to New Jersey and Michigan for these items due to their cooler days. Supplies and pricing are staying steady.

We’re at peak season for our local corn. White and Bi-Color are the most popular sizes for our farmers and that’s what they planted. Quality has been gorgeous, so make sure you get some while you can!

The early freeze that Idaho experienced last fall during harvest has manifested itself as a sudden mess in their packing sheds. During the early part of the pandemic, tremendous retail demand wiped out much of their storage supplies, but then lack of demand due to foodservice accounts being closed gave them a glut they were trying to move. Then as they were nearing the end of their storage supplies in summer, quality issues ended many of the farmers seasons early. Suddenly there’s a huge shortage of Idaho potatoes until they begin harvesting again in September. Expect to see stronger prices through early fall.

Strawberry suppliers are facing very strong demand and most shippers are extremely limited on supplies. California production is trending downward and farmers cannot catch up.

Onion farmers are beginning their seasons in many areas and shipping freshly harvested new crop onions. Though delicious and normally sweeter than wintertime onions, remember they will not have the shelf life that you’re used to because of the high moisture content. Buy only what you can use in a few days and work them closely to avoid losses.

Lemon demand has spiked quite a bit in the past few weeks due to more and more restaurants being opened throughout the country. We have also seen big time price increases.

Demand for grapes has been very low over the past couple of months with so many foodservice and schools across the country closed. Prices are way down from normal levels. Great time to use them on your menus!

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