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August 10th, 2020 Supply Update: We’ve moved to local tomatoes and watermelons as these crops really do well in the heat every summer.


Crazy hot weather for the past two weeks has stopped harvesting on many items here in North Carolina. Blueberries, Squash and Cucumbers are all finished for a while but we should have another crop of squash coming to maturity in September or so. Meanwhile we’ve moved to local tomatoes and watermelons as these crops really do well in the heat every summer.

Idaho potato farmers are picking and packing freshly dug potatoes right now. Timing was just about perfect as most shippers were out or running out right before the harvest started. New crop potatoes always have a high moisture content and a short shelf life. Make sure you work them closely as they won’t last very long in your storage.

Nationwide many farmers continue to struggle finding enough labor to harvest their crops. With social distancing slowing down everything they do, they have to make choices on what they harvest to spend their time most productively. As a result they’re focusing on the more valuable crops and leaving the other, less profitable items unharvested.

Onion farmers are beginning their seasons in many areas and shipping freshly harvested new crop onions. Though delicious and normally sweeter than wintertime onions, remember they will not have the shelf life that you’re used to because of the high moisture content. Buy only what you can use in a few days and work them closely to avoid losses.

Cucumbers and squash have been so cheap for so long, there was only one way for them to go. With many growing areas finished for the time being, supplies are suddenly more limited and forcing pricing upward.

Pepper markets are falling fast with stronger harvests in our northern states. Red and yellow pepper all starts out as green pepper that is allowed to stay on the vine until ripe and their color changes. Whenever the market is high for green pepper, farmers pick it green to get their money sooner. When green pepper is cheaper, they let it ripen to get the higher money for red pepper. Their pricing rides together very closely.

Sweet Corn season is in full swing in many states and Wow! They have been beautiful! What a great feature item for your summer menus when pricing and quality are both awesome right now.

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