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October 12th, 2020 Supply Update: Green pepper is winding down in Michigan, with Georgia growers starting to pickup in volume.

Green Peppers; with the higher pricing of green peppers, farmers will elect to pick them green rather than waiting for them to ripen to yellow or red

Strawberries remain extremely limited, with shippers cutting back or not accepting orders right now. Heat in the fields caused a lot of damage, which was then followed by chilly weather slowing down growth. The fall season is beginning in a small way, but they expect demand to exceed supply for the next few weeks.

Green pepper is winding down in Michigan, with Georgia growers starting to pickup in volume. Prices are staying elevated on the short supplies.

Baking potatoes continue to be a great value as farmers harvest their new crop spuds. Quality has been really nice and the harvest is going great with plenty of nice potatoes coming into the packing sheds. All indications point to a great season to feature potatoes on your fall menus.

Our local farmers continue with squash, cucumbers and zucchini and quality has been gorgeous. They expect to have product until the first frost finishes the season for them.

Lettuce farmers in California are still struggling to fill orders. Romaine, Green Leaf and Iceberg are staying in very short supply with good quality very difficult to come by. Pricing remains strong.

With the temperatures locally taking a dip, Fall is definitely in the air. We have all kinds of delicious items for your fall menus. We have several varieties of hard squashes, pomegranates, pie pumpkins, root vegetables and new crop apples and pears! Heartier fall menus and dishes will be welcomed as the temps stay chilly.

Fresh limes from Mexico are much more available now and prices are lower with the strong harvests. Quality has been gorgeous.

Cooler weather in the north has slowed cabbage growth to a crawl. Supplies are very tight and pricing is staying strong. We’re hoping for relief once Georgia fields start producing.

If you’re looking for something new for your fall menu, we just got in some gorgeous purple sweet potatoes from one of our local farmers. They’re sure to add an interesting splash of color to your plate.

Q: Why couldn’t the green pepper practice archery?
A: Because he didn’t habanero.

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