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November 16th, 2020 Supply Update: The new apple crop is now in the last stages of harvest.

Apple Harvest

Potato farmers are well into their harvest and quality has been beautiful on this year’s crop. They’re expecting a very good year. The crop is trending toward smaller sizes, creating premium pricing for the larger spuds.

The new apple crop is now in the last stages of harvest. The crop is coming in smaller than projected and is now projected to be in the 110-million bushel area versus projections in early August of 135 million. This crop will be around 25 million bushels short of the crop from last season. They had an early freeze during harvest that will cause a lot of losses but we won’t know the extent of the damage for another few weeks.

Thanksgiving menus always create a tremendous demand for celery. It happens every year. So many holiday dishes require celery that the demand usually exceeds the supply available. As a result, prices always climb leading into Thanksgiving and fall off after Christmas.

Tropical Storm Eta is expected to cause a lot of damage to the vegetable crop in Florida and Georgia and probably curtail harvests for about a week. Long-term, we’ll have to wait and see how extensive the damages were. The squash and cucumber markets have been really low for a while now and this is probably going to get them higher as supplies tighten.

Mexican Avocados are reaching their peak and shippers are lowering prices to move product. Now is a great time to feature them with prices as low as they’ve been in years.

Strawberries remain limited, and pricing remains elevated. Colder weather this week will limit California harvests and markets will be strong.

Get ready for Thanksgiving! We still have plenty of winter squash varieties for your fall menus. Also pie pumpkins for your baking needs! The cooler weather has been great for greens like kale, collards, turnip and mustard greens. Quality has improved with the warmer weather passing. Leaves are much darker green than we see during summer.

Lettuce farmers in California are still struggling to fill orders. Romaine, including hearts and chopped, Green Leaf and Iceberg are staying in very short supply with good quality very difficult to come by. Pricing remains higher on the very limited supplies. This is a great time to use some of our local varieties of lettuce!

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