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March 15th, 2021 Supply Update: The lead up to St. Patrick’s Day always presents higher cabbage markets as demand is huge for holiday menus.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Cabbage

In General – Most markets continue to go lower as there just isn’t enough demand to move the amount of volume that farmers are harvesting right now. Hopefully things will improve as Governors continue to reopen events and lessen restrictions on our economy.

Apples – The apple market remains tight again this week as demand remains strong. We expect this tight and higher priced market to remain this way for the next couple of months as inventories are less than last year at this same time.

Cabbage – The lead up to St. Patrick’s Day always presents higher cabbage markets as demand is huge for holiday menus. After this week we should see lower pricing with warmer weather increasing production and lighter demand.

Corn – Prices fell much lower last week as harvest volume finally caught up with demand. We should continue seeing normal pricing through the summer months.

Cucumbers – Mexican growers are picking more cucumbers right now and markets are softening with better volume.

Limes – Currently, the crop is peaking on 150/175/200s but supplies are short across the board. Rainy weather that damages the fruit and limits picking efforts has met with high demand. We expect supplies to remain extremely limited and pricing to remain strong for the next few weeks.

Onions – New crop harvests are beginning in Mexico and shippers in the northwest still have good supplies in their storage buildings. We should see a smooth transition between crops this year without any price spikes.

Pepper – Markets were in a glut for several weeks but are showing a bit of strength now though there is still light demand for it.

Potatoes – The market is stable with increased production in smaller sizes 90 count to 120 count keeping pricing on these sizes lower.

Squash – Now is a great time to feature all squashes on your menu. Hard squashes are at great prices as shippers are trying to push supplies before warmer weather and yellow and zucchini squashes are in strong production from Mexico and Florida farms

Tomatoes – Mexican and Florida fields are really bringing on the volume and all varieties are lower this week and reaching minimum pricing levels. Romas, vineripened tomatoes and heirlooms are all at great prices.

Q: How do you repair a broken tomato?
A: With tomato paste.
Q: Why couldn’t the green pepper practice archery?
A: Because he didn’t habanero.