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April 12th, 2021 Supply Update: Cucumbers – Florida market continues to remain strong as demand exceeds supply.

Florida Market continues to remain strong

Apples – The apple market remains tight again this week as demand remains strong. We expect this tight and higher priced market to remain this way for the next couple of months as inventories are less than last year at this same time. The tightest items are the Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, premium Honeycrisp and Granny Smith.

Asparagus – Prices are on the rise but should improve soon. Mexico will be finishing production in their coastal growing areas and transitioning to Central Mexico. California is beginning and Washington is expected to start the end of the month. Peruvian growers will begin this week with small volume and then slowly start to increase.

Cucumbers – Florida market continues to remain strong as demand exceeds supply. We do expect Mexico to get back to better production by the end of the week, so expect markets to drop over the coming weeks.

Corn – Better volumes from Florida are beginning to help prices. Quality and pricing are improving rapidly as more farms begin harvesting with the warmer weather.

Eggs – Egg prices are falling fast now that Easter demand is over. This trend should continue until the summer heat begins to stress the chickens, lowering their egg production.

Limes – Remain extremely tight and prices are at their highest for the year.

Onions – New crop harvests are going well in Mexico and shippers in the northwest still have strong supplies in their storage buildings. We are seeing a smooth transition between crops this year without any price spikes.

Peppers – After a couple of months of rock bottom prices, the green pepper market started showing some strength with short supplies driving prices up. Colored pepper has gone the other way and farmers have more than they can sell so the bargains are on red, yellow and orange right now.

Squash – Florida is starting to produce decent volume as the spring crop is starting to flourish. Good weather and a full moon are really helping with yields. Quality of both colors is starting to really come on strong.

Tomatoes – Mexican and Florida fields are really bringing on the volume and all varieties are lower this week and reaching minimum pricing levels. Romas and round tomatoes all remain at great prices.

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