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July 12, 2021 Supply Update: North Carolina farmers have finished up the first harvest of many items, like cucumbers, squashes and are winding up blueberries.

Blueberries – Should continue locally well into July and then we’ll make the transition to more Northern states like New Jersey and Michigan.

North Carolina farmers have finished up the first harvest of many items, like cucumbers, squashes and are winding up blueberries. They’ll have a second round of harvests in a couple of weeks as new fields come to maturity.

Asparagus – Remains VERY short right now. Demand exceeds supply in all markets. Limited production and heavy demand are keeping pricing high.

Berries – Blueberries are still going here in North Carolina, but supplies are dwindling fast. Our northern neighbors will be the source for the next month. Quality has been beautiful.

Cabbage – Our local growers have finished and the season has moved up north. Good supplies are still readily available and quality is great.

Corn – We’re seeing more and more local corn come to the market every day now. Strong harvests are keeping pricing low and the corn has been big, sweet and juicy.

Lemons – Are doing their normal summertime thing, with soaring prices showing the short supplies in the lemon groves. High heat in growing areas is also limiting picking hours in the field and further shortening supplies.

Limes – Prices are staying low as Mexican growers have lots of volume harvesting right now. Quality is better also. If you can substitute limes for lemons right now you can save some big $$.

Potatoes – Are coming in from Eastern North Carolina now. Red and white New Crop potatoes are being dug and shipped this week. Bright and clean skins on new crop potatoes don’t even need peeling.

Peppers – Though they’ve been plentiful for the past few weeks, Georgia is finishing up their season, taking a large amount out of the market. Also a factor, Elsa’s heavy rains may wipe out the harvest in our local areas. Expect prices to rise in the coming weeks.

Squash – After several weeks of rock bottom, glut pricing, the market is swinging back upwards. Rains from Elsa will finish many of our local growers and we’ll begin pulling product from Michigan next week.

Tomatoes – Are in full swing in NC and supplies are very strong. Vine-ripened, Romas, and heirlooms have been plentiful. Quality has been gorgeous. Caprese Salad anyone?

Watermelons – Are beginning locally in another week or two. Meanwhile, there are plenty of beautiful melons coming out of Georgia.

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