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August 16, 2021 Supply Update: There seems to be more than enough asparagus to go around and prices are headed lower.


Asparagus – There seems to be more than enough asparagus to go around and prices are headed lower.

Avocados – Are beginning their new season in Mexico, and prices jumped last week with the shorter supplies.

Berries – Blueberries are all done in North Carolina, due to the heat, but our northern neighbors will be the source for the next month. Quality has been beautiful from Michigan and parts of Canada. Strawberries continue to suffer in California due to the high heat, sometimes reaching to 100 degrees. Work them closely and don’t expect normal shelf life.

Cucumbers – Every farm in America seems to be harvesting cucumbers right now. Supplies are very strong and pricing is staying low so the farmers can move their product.

Corn –Michigan and New Jersey are cranking up. Pricing and quality have been exceptional.

Lemons – Are doing their normal summertime thing, with soaring prices showing the short supplies in the lemon groves. High heat in growing areas is also limiting picking hours in the field and further shortening supplies.

Limes – Prices only had one way to go from the rock bottom levels they were at. They’re settling at higher market prices this week.

Peppers- Like cucumbers, everyone seems to be harvesting them right now. Quality is gorgeous and pricing is staying low.

Potatoes – Are coming in from all over the Eastern seaboard now. Gorgeous red and white New Crop potatoes are being dug and shipped this week. Bright and clean skins on new crop potatoes don’t even need peeling. Idaho has finished their storage crop and are expected to begin digging new crop potatoes this coming week. We have good supplies to bridge the gap until the new crop begins. Prices are much higher this week, but should fall quickly as the new crop begins.

Squash – Got extremely limited overnight. Supplies are short and pricing is up.

Tomatoes – Are in full swing in NC and supplies are very strong. Vine-ripened, Romas, and heirlooms have been plentiful. Quality has been gorgeous. Caprese Salad anyone?

Watermelons – Are very plentiful locally and seem to be everywhere at once. Explore ideas for your menus to feature them while they’re plentiful.

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