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September 27, 2021 Supply Update: Avocados – Pricing seems to be coming down as softer fall demand is meeting with slightly better production.

Avocados – Continue to stay at very affordable levels, with softer demand during the colder months.

Asparagus – Became extremely tight over the past few weeks due to shipping difficulties. There’s asparagus out there, but the ships don’t seem to be making it to port on time, causing shortages.

Avocados – Pricing seems to be coming down as softer fall demand is meeting with slightly better production.

Cabbage – Though our local growers should be harvesting cabbage right now, all of the rains last week caused quality issues that have shut down production. Until things dry out, we’ll continue pulling from the northeast.

Cucumbers – Have been coming in locally but quality has been a bit iffy on them due to our rains. Georgia should add some much needed quality and volume to the market.

Lettuces – Iceberg and leaf lettuces are seeing lighter supplies this week due to soil-borne issues negatively impacting yield. The weather forecast calls for slightly cooler temperatures which will slow growth but increase case weights.

Limes – Pricing settled at stronger levels as demand has remained very high for Mexican fruit.

Pineapple – Sluggish demand has the pineapple market at rock bottom pricing. Take advantage if you’re able of the lowest prices I’ve seen in several years.

Peaches – We’ve had one of the best peach seasons in memory this year. Quality has been amazing and there have been plenty to go around. Sadly, though the season is coming to an end. We expect to have them for about another week or so.

Potatoes – We’re right in the middle of the New Crop / Old Crop transition for baking potatoes. Supplies always begin very limited and prices always start out high on the freshly dug potatoes. As we get into late September, we’ll see drastic drops on potato pricing as the farmers finish up harvesting and get to the business of selling instead of storing potatoes.

Tomatoes – We saw some significant market changes last week as rains on the east coast finished or slowed harvest in several areas. Prices are stronger on the lighter supplies. Our local growers are still coming to market and we’ll stick with them as long as they have product.

Sadly the man who invented the fruit smoothie has passed away. He’s being berried on Friday.

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