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November 8th, 2021 Supply Update: Asparagus – Mexican fields have started producing, adding a lot of much needed product to the marketplace.


Asparagus – Mexican fields have started producing, adding a lot of much needed product to the marketplace. Pricing is way down with the increase in supplies. Also, many ships that were waiting to unload at our ports are hitting the dock and there’s a flood of asparagus all of the sudden. Shippers are struggling to move this much product all at once. We’re seeing some quality issues because of the delayed shipments. Be careful when you’re buying from others.

Broccoli – The market is falling rapidly as east coast farms increase their harvests. Pricing is improving.

Corn – Georgia has already finished their corn season and all eyes are on Florida to get started soon. Supplies are extremely limited.

Cucumbers and Squash – A few are still coming in locally but supplies are dwindling on all local vegetables due to the cooler weather. Georgia is getting their season going and pricing is very good on the heavy supplies.

Lettuce – Iceberg and leaf lettuces continue to be in short supply this week. Higher demand combined with lower yields are the primary factors. Other substitutes for iceberg are also climbing as people look for alternates, but prices continue to climb. Eventually demand will fall off at the higher pricing and the market will settle back down.

Melons – Production is winding down in California as we transition to Arizona. With shorter days and cooler weather, expect to see a green cast to cantaloupe and sugar content will be slightly lower. Honeydews and watermelons have become increasingly shorter in supply as most domestic growers are done for the year and we look to Central American growers.

Peppers – Demand for Georgia product has increased, but unfortunately volume is short. Cooler weather is having an impact on overall growing conditions. Pepper will remain higher for the next two weeks and hopefully ease when Florida gets started the 20th of November. With the higher pricing of green peppers, farmers will elect to pick them green rather than waiting for them to ripen to yellow or red, creating shortages in colored peppers.

Winter Squashes – We have a good selection of hard squashes such as butternut, kabocha, acorn, spaghetti and delicata available. Give us a call to plan your fall menus.

Tomatoes – This market is staying very strong, with limited supplies making their way to sale. Mexican growers will add much needed product to help pricing, but they haven’t scaled up yet for the season.

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