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November 29th, 2021 Supply Update: Corn – Georgia volume is done for the season.

The market is very high on Florida corn as the volume is exceptionally limited.

Bananas – For years, consumers have shopped the produce aisle enjoying the relatively low cost of bananas — but that may be about to change. In response to unprecedented market conditions and inflationary pressures being felt across all industries, leading banana provider Fresh Del Monte has raised prices on its bananas. “Despite our efforts to mitigate these increasing costs within our supply chain, they are simply too great to absorb. The unparalleled costs have been persistent and show no signs of regulating,” said Mohammad Abu-Ghazaleh, Fresh Del Monte chairman and CEO. “After thoughtful consideration, it is necessary to implement inflation-justified price increases in an effort to maintain our continuous supply and service levels. We understand that these pressures are not unique to our business and therefore are working collaboratively to mitigate these pressures — within our supply chain and with our business partner relationships.” Other banana companies are saying they expect to raise prices soon also.

Corn – Georgia volume is done for the season. The market is very high on Florida corn as the volume is exceptionally limited. Expect to see this continue for the next couple of weeks as Florida will not have good supplies until well into December.

Cucumbers and Squash – As predicted, demand has weakened and supply is back to normal. Expect steady supplies from both Mexico and Florida, but we do see more availability of green squash. Weather permitting, we should continue to see steady supplies. We are receiving some euro cucumbers from Pender County right now and will have them as long as they’re available.

Eggs – We always see pricing increases around the holidays and this year is no different. Expect holiday baking to drive pricing upwards until the first of the year.

Lettuce – Iceberg and leaf lettuces have improved as more growers have made the transition to more southern growing areas. The weather forecast calls for above-average temperatures. Overall quality is excellent with no major issues reported.

Mushrooms – The mushroom industry as a whole has felt a shortage for a while now. There are lots of factors that have caused this, but mainly labor, products, and material shortages. We feel that we have not seen the worst of it yet. Expect to see some items dropped from production until our economy gets back to preCovid days.

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