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January 17th, 2022 Supply Update: Grapes – It’s a mess. California finished their grape season early and everyone was anticipating the yearly change to South American grapes.

Grapes, Red Globe

Avocados – Remain high as shortages occur due to the harvest gap between Christmas and New Year’s when the pickers go home for a week to celebrate the holidays with their families. We should see strong demand through the weekend of February 13th to meet the nation’s guacamole needs, then they should settle back down again.

Corn – Florida finally starting harvesting better volume of corn, and sluggish post-holiday demand has the market way down. Prices are half what they were going into Christmas week.

Dry Goods – Worldwide supply shortages have driven virtually all dry good prices much higher. Limited quantities and weekly out-of-stocks are the rule right now. We’re continuing to do our best to source what you  need for your disposable supplies but it’s been a challenge for us and our vendors.

Eggs – Are down again this week with lower demand after the holidays giving farmer’s a chance to catch back up with production. The next big egg-holiday will be Easter, so we should see the markets continue to slide.

Grapes – It’s a mess. California finished their grape season early and everyone was anticipating the yearly change to South American grapes. However, a moth infestation wiped out the Chilean grape season. Peru and other countries are trying to cover the shortages, but backups at the ports are keeping ships loaded with freight from getting to the dock and unloaded. There is an extreme shortages on all grapes right now, especially reds. Expectations are that the shortage will ease somewhat around the end of January.

Onions – Have become extremely short and prices continue to rise due to the winter weather out west limiting transportation and freezing temps making it tougher on the packing houses to ship their onions. Prices are remaining strong.

Squash – Chilly weather in Florida slowed down squash, zucchini, and other vegetables down there last week and the super low prices of the glut market evaporated. Supplies are much tighter.

Trucking – Everyone knows the buzzword “Supply Chain Shortages”. Much of the problem stems from an extreme shortages of truck drivers. Before Covid, the supply of trucks was already stretched, but it’s gotten much worse allowing truckers to pick and choose their routes and name their prices. The cost of virtually everything in your kitchen has increased because of the increased costs of bringing it to market.

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A: A happy uncle.

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