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April 4th, 2022 Supply Update: Asparagus – Are much lower this week with Peru and Mexican growers increasing their production.


Asparagus – Are much lower this week with Peru and Mexican growers increasing their production. We should begin to see some local asparagus soon, also, which will put more pressure on the markets.

Eggs – Continue their climb as we get closer to Easter. It’s a predictable and yearly event, but that doesn’t make it feel any better when it happens.

Grapes – Are in abundance, but quality is hit and miss and it’s one of those times where you really get what you pay for. There are cheap, bad grapes, and there are higher priced, higher quality grapes.

Lettuce – Though weather issues haven’t improved very much for them, sluggish demand at the higher prices is forcing lower markets. Quality remains iffy, with smaller heads and light case weights for the little bit of lettuce that they’re able to bring to market.

Melons – The glut of melons at ports has passed and pricing has gotten a little higher as shippers get a better handle on the volume they’re trying to move. Prices are up a little bit, but still priced great for spring menus.

Onions – Supplies and quality continue to improve as we move into the new crop of onions from Mexico. They’re starting the season with low quantities in storage, so we should see pricing remain steady at the higher levels until harvests increase.

Peppers – Remain extremely limited out of Florida and Mexico. The hard freeze in February caused a bloom drop causing shortages for peppers that should be harvested now. Also, heavy rains in Florida shut down their harvests like a light switch last week. Prices will remain higher until they get past these challenges.

Strawberries – Demand is increasing as we get closer to Easter Breakfast and markets for fruit are getting stronger this week due to rain in the California growing areas which will limit harvest numbers. Our local growers are telling us that they will begin harvesting over the next few weeks.

Trucking – Already high freight rates are climbing again with the insane fuel prices. For a truck that gets 6 mpg, $5 diesel gets really expensive on a 3500 mile cross country trip. This will add to the final cost of everything you buy personally and professionally. For example, about $16.25 of the cost of a bag of onions is just the freight to get it here currently.

Q: What is the difference between an onion and a politician?
A: There are no tears when you chop up a politician.

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