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April 25th, 2022 Supply Update: Corn – Florida’s corn season finally cranked back up and prices are way down this week.

Florida’s corn season finally cranked back up and prices are way down this week.

Avocados – “Enhanced” inspections by Texas of commercial vehicles from Mexico were recently imposed by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. This action has crippled the supply chain of avocados and the ripple effects are enormous. Trucks are lined up for miles waiting to be inspected at the border and growers, harvest crews, packing houses, and trucks departing Michoacan have been disrupted during what was to be a very short week of packing during Holy Week in Mexico. Avocado operations in Mexico have nearly come to a standstill as a result. Prices are going through the roof with the shortages and supply chain breakdowns.

Corn – Florida’s corn season finally cranked back up and prices are way down this week. Availability and quality has improved with the start of their new fields.

Eggs – Though they are still high, pricing is seeming to ease back down. Uncertainty over the effect of Bird Flu is the main culprit, but more sluggish demand after Easter has slowed down sales, so maybe farmers can catch up soon.

Grapes – Are in abundance, but quality is hit and miss and it’s one of those times where you really get what you pay for. There are cheap, bad grapes, and there are higher priced, higher quality grapes.

Lettuce – Though weather issues haven’t improved very much for them, sluggish demand at the higher prices is forcing lower markets. Quality remains iffy, with smaller heads and light case weights for the little bit of lettuce that they’re able to bring to market.

Peppers – With Easter Holiday vacations over, Mexican farm workers are back in the fields and supplies are improving. Border crossings are still slowing shipments, but they’re getting better. Florida is still struggling to catch up with demand.

Squash – Squash seems to be coming from everywhere at once. Mexican and Florida growers have plentiful harvests and Georgia should start in two weeks and NC farmers start in three weeks. Prices are very favorable right now.

Strawberries – Demand is falling off as the pull for Easter has passed. Also, local strawberries are going, but the rain last week shut off picking as the farmers had to strip the vines and let the plants refruit. They’re picking today the 22nd, so we should be back into local berries on Monday.

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